How to Block Application Network Access From Antivirus Firewall

How to Block Application Network Access From Antivirus Firewall….

Hello Guys, Today i am bringing you a small trick on How to Block Application Internet or Network Access ???

why is this important ???

  1. To Block any application from accessing to your network or internet. if you dont trust an application, but you cant uninstall it bcoz its use full to you. this one will help you.

  2. If you use cracked or pirated software you may have seen that many of the creators ask you to block your internet access before installing and after the install. bcoz otherwise the software will connect to the internet and validates its License and when this happens your Copy of software will be blocked. as an example here is one


if you’re familiar with Graphics then u may have seen this often with Corel Draw. This is how to Stop this from Happening. for this example i Take world Famous Kaspersky Internet Security.

Open your Kaspersky Internet Security and select more tools Button in the bottom



Select Application Control from the Next Screen


In the next Screen Select Manage Applications


After clicking on manage applications you will be displayed all the installed applications in your computer sorted into Publisher / Company wise. like this…

For an Example i am gonna block Mozilla Firefox from Accessing Internet…

Select like this




Now letsĀ  open the firefox and Check



as you can see it doesnt work. firefox is not allowed to access internet or any other network service.

you can use this feature to block any application or exe from accessing your network or Internet.

different anti virus providers may have different configurations for this. if youre currently not using any antivirus or any protection software i seriously recommend you to switch to Kaspersky Internet Security to Protect your PC From Hackers and Other various Online and Offline Threats…

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