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How to get Movie & TV Subtitles Easily.

In the Toady’s world our smart phone is our everything. for some people they cant do their jobs without it, even many other people use it to watch Movies and TV series also because they can get comfortable on their bed, couch or any other place they want and enjoy the content.

Imagine you find a beautiful movie or an amazing TV series that you love, But its in another language or its hard for you to catch up words, in this case Subtitles come to your help.

But if you already began to watch the movie, you’re lazy enough to go back to your browser or go back to your computer and browse for a Subtitle file, and copy it to your phone below solutions are perfect for you.

MX Player Users.

If you dont have the latest version of the MX Player Click the below link to get the Latest Version from Play Store.

and follow the instructions as below. First go to your media folder. Then select the file you gonna watch.

Open the file and pause it, Then tap on the top right corner where the three vertical dots appear. Drop down menu will appear like this.

Mx Player Subtitle

Tap on Subtitle.

Then tap on Online Subtitles.

Tap on search, Below prompt will appear.

Here you can have the decision would you like to automatically search and download the subtitle according to the title of your movie or video file or just enter your own text, for the moment i continue with Existing Text.

press the OK button.

Some subtitle files will appear on your screen, from them you can select the related file you want. Also you can see the rating given by the users who previously downloaded this file ( Out of 10 ). It is an important that you have in MX Player.

Tap on the Subtitle file you want and Press download.

and you will see the Subtitles appear on your Screen.

Below images show the same way for VLC Media Player Users. if you dont have VLC Media Player Installed in your Phone Click the Link below to Install it from the Play Store.

You will be able to See your Subtitle on the bottom of the screen.

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