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Today i may be talking about your worst Nightmare ever Leech Attacks. Have you ever encountered with Leeches, a Bloodsucking creature that looks like a Worm. There are may other types of them in different sizes and varieties.

They are mostly found in tropical areas and may be just behind your Garden. If you run or visit farms be sure to check for them on your legs.

Are they Dangerous ???

Some of them just come up your leg. Finds a suitable spot and suck some of your blood then just slips away. You may never know what happened only when some one says ” Hey You’re Bleeding ” they are that Smart. However in rare cases these Leech Attacks cause long term non healing itching Injuries.

Leech Bite

But did you know they are used in Healing Blood related wounds in Human Body ?? Yes, but that is not kind of leeches you find every day.

How to Avoid Leech Attacks ???

  • Avoid muddy tropical vegetation paths on your walk.
  • Always Check for Leeches On Tropical Waterfalls and Water Crossings. (Many of them just dont swim here and there in water they just stick to some surface and wait for the Right moment)
  • If you travel in Forest or Swampy areas that you may think infested with Leeches wear High heel boots if possible. and Tuck your Trousers in side them.
  • Wear Long Denim Trousers (Depends on your Travel Area)
  • Apply a Thick layer of Soap on your Legs. That will make them less interested on getting on your Feet.
  • Also these Guys can be a Real Pain in the Ass if they go inside you so make sure to avoid camping in Infested Areas.

What to do if they got on to you ???

  • First of all dont panic just pluck a tree leave and grab the leech to it and throw away. Always try to get the leech to another object and throw the object away.
  • Don’t Try to remove it with your hands, that will cause the leech to get on your fingers and be a real junkie to remove.
  • Use a Perfume, if you have several of them on you just spray some perfume on them. That will make them go crazy and Slips them away.
  • Put some salt water on the Leech.

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