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Money Saving Tips.

If you are a boarding student or someone in little low budget, below simple tips are for you to save your money. I know its hard to maintain everything when you’re under budget. Or still getting pocket money from parents.You need to save them, and you cant ask them for more unless there is a fair reason. Following simple day today Money Saving Tips will help you save a little bit more money from your allotted budget for a Week or a Month.

1. Food habits

The most important thing that u allocate a large amount of your budget a month ( or Week ). try the below method to reduce your expenses while keeping your interests intact.

  • Don’t have high priced food everyday, have a regular normal food habit for weekdays. In the weekend follow your interests.Think of this as a Reward for your normal life style in the weekdays.
Money Saving Tips
  • If you’re going to plan a weight loss diet food plan make this is the first Step.

2. Save the Coins or Change.

When you get change or some spare money, always save them in a container. This will give you a little backup to run hard times. After more savings sometimes you may be able to buy a Full meal for a Dinner maybe.

3. A simple Shopping Tip.

When your buying Day to Day items like detergent, soap, fabric conditioner and may be packed food like Oates, always try to buy the bigger packet or item flexible to your budget. This will help you to reduce the frequency of you buying the same item also will save you a great amount of money. Because as i noticed most of the times the bigger item or portion is cheaper than the smaller one.

Try this with Soap, Detergents, Grains etc. You will see a great difference over time.

4. Record and Analyse your Expenses.

This may look a little hard to continue on daily basis. Let me make this easier for you. Use your Smart phone, make your best friend your smart phone even more important to you.

Now you may think how to do it ? how to manage my expenses via my phone easily ? Do i have time to this everyday ??

Begin with a simple App. Which allow you to create different categories according to your expenses and show you simple reports. Here is my Suggestion.

Money Saving Tips
Money Saving Tips
Money Saving Tips

If you’re looking for a more featured App Try Monefy.

Money Saving Tips

5. Most Important Money Saving Tip.

Think twice before you expend your Valuable Earnings on something. if it is really worth the price ?? Do you really need this to be in your life ?? Is there any other cheaper fine solution ?? then go for it.

Hope this will help you in your Day to Day Life.

Money Saving Tips

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